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Welcome! We are small company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan offering many services including Network Administration for local small businesses, PC Technical Support onsite, by email & phone, Email & Web Hosting for your company & Online Backup Service for one of the simplest, most reliable & cost-effective ways to backup!

Some of our clients: (sites open in new window)
Computers At Home
Advanced Industries Inc
Amiee Design
Andy Dempster
Apple Tree Clubhouse
Arbor Brewing
Blue Canoe
Carden Metal
Corner Brewery
Career Directions
Chris G Rogers
CKD Outdoor Maintenance
Clarity Communications
Clutter Chaos
Dreamin Ponies
Effective Cultures
ELS West
Frye Brothers Frogs
Geddes Lake Coopertive Homes
Habitat For Humanity of Huron Valley
Kool Blast
Krysta's Happy Pets
Miles of Golf
Orbit Tech
Player Law
Player Entertainment Law
Telcom Service
Thomas Player
Tom Player
Smoltz Distributing
Spa Burjon
Statewide Appraisal
Street Marketing
Stroud Consulting
Troy's Treats
William Warner
Youth Corpse


Ann Arbor, MI
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